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5 tips to get awesome Business Ideas

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

With the world and its dynamics changing faster than ever, with innovations finding its route everyday, finding super successful business ideas in itself is a challenge. This article discusses about the 6 tips that you can follow to get your business ideas:

#1) Associations and Network: You are the sum average of five people with whom you spend time the most. Ensure you spend your time in internet judiciously. Minimize your use of Facebook and other so called entertaining social media sites and instead spend time in professional social media sites such as linkedin. Try to market your expertise and also try to use some of the freelancing websites such as fiver.com, upwork.com, freelancer.com etc.

You may also want to book your seats in the seminars conducted by industry relevant experts which include CEOs, Directors and founders of the companies.

#2) Following start-ups and engaging in internships: You may be an experienced professional in your industry but, by associating with startups you may be doing couple of good things with yourself. First, start-ups bring innovations on table and by associating with start-ups you become a part of those innovations and second, the more important point is do not be shy in engaging in internships with startups because, you may look to invest in the same start-ups and we all know the evaluations of start-ups are increasing.

As for the freshers, any association with start-up will only make them grow with the company.

#3) Concept testing: Suppose you are at a process of finding out, if your idea is good or not, you can use concept testing. For it, you may want to gather a small no. of people and discuss about the concept of your ideas and find out how good the idea is. You may also want to find the acceptance of the customers by tying up with the stores and shops and asking the owner to find out how majority of the consumers felt about the product.

#4) Minimum Viable Product: Minimum Viable Product or MVP is the process of giving maximum benefits with least complexities. Just look at successful start-ups around you and you will be amazed to find that before these start-ups even existed, their business models were in the market but, how is it that they succeeded? The answer is MVP.

Facebook is not the first social media marketing site, in fact before that Orkut was running very successfully. But, Facebook applied MVP model and became what it is now.

#5) Read... Read... and Read: Read as much blogs, books, biographies and autobiographies of successful entrepreneurs as you can. This will help you understand the new wave of ideas and technologies apparently showing up in the market. One of the best blogs to start with is entrepreneur.com.

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