6 ways to enhance your personal brand

Personal branding is the process of building brand around a person. The purpose of creating brand around the person is to increase his/her visibility, and in this age of digital world, a person can only be as much successful as the visibility of his/her success credentials. It is for this very reason that personal branding is very important.

Today, with so much development that is taking place in the digital world, it is imperative that you enhance yourself into a brand which has double faceted advantage:

i) It will help you in enhancing your career in short time

ii) It will make sure that you do not get lost in the overpopulated digital world

Steps to boost your brand

Building personal brand is a step-by-step process which takes time and is not an overnight process. The steps to build your personal brand can be elaborated as follows:

  1. Have a goal to focus: The first and the most important process in improving your brand is to have a goal to focus. It is very important to be clear about the version that you would want to project in your career space.

  2. Create your own story: Understand yourself and know what works the best for you. Every personality has his/her Unique Selling Proposition(USP), work on yours and tell your story. If possible write your own blog because, by writing a blog you are generating a lot of audience which is again, very important to enhance your brand.

  3. Develop expertise: Be an expert in a domain of relevance. The more domains you develop expertise on, the more opportunities you have, to expand your personal brand. Having expertise on 4-5 domains also opens up the opportunity to have multiple sources of income which is very important to make you self-reliant.

  4. Be consistent: Consistency is key to success. The more consistent you are with your updates in digital media platform, the more are the chances of getting due recognition.

  5. Create impact in a positive manner: Creating and enhancing your brand doesn't just mean increasing your monetary gains, it is also about your contributory power. The impact you can create on an organization and digital society at large is of utmost significance.

  6. Connect and network: In this age of social media, it is very important that we connect with people of relevance, so that there is no scope of ambiguity. With so much of information-bombardment happening in the digital world, it is imperative that we connect and network with people and groups who share same ideas. Digital platforms such as linkedin and quora offer amazing scope to connect and network with such people and groups.


Building a personal brand is a life-long journey and it takes a lot of courage, grit and determination to build one. When we build brand in an unblemished way, by making positive contributions to the society, we would have successfully built legacy which means even if we are professionally active or inactive, we are forever recognized for our deeds.

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