Advertising Techniques for Business

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"Advertising is a form of marketing communication that engages in the promotion of business offerings, ideas, or services by a sponsor. Advertising is always a non-personal and commercial means of dispensing the ideas of business."

There are various types of advertising techniques for small businesses which when applied strategically, bring good customer engagement along with high brand awareness and recall value.

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Here are the creative advertising techniques by successful business around the globe:

1. Emotional Appeal

This advertising technique triggers high emotions in the consumer thereby, prompting them to think of buying the products or experience the services. Usually, this type of advertising technique employs visuals rather than information to evoke strong emotions. An example of this type of advertising technique is a life insurance ad that targets the negative emotions of fear in human beings and prompts them to consider buying insurance services.

2. Promotional Technique

As the name suggests, this advertising technique employs the method of selling a sample product free with some other products. This technique of advertising is generally used in promotional fairs and campaigns. The main reason for employing this technique is to divert the attention of consumers to the product.

3. Bandwagon Technique

The bandwagon technique is used to convince people to join a group of people who use the product. The technique showcases the product to be the cause of brilliance in the people who use it thereby, motivating others to use it. A lot of educational institutes use this type of advertisement motivating students to join their institutes.

4. Stats and Facts

This technique uses numbers and statistical data to convince customers about the efficiency of the product. Stats and facts are also one of the most effective methods of advertising. An example of this advertisement technique is ads on sanitizers claiming to kill 99.99% viruses.

5. Weasel Words

The Weasel words technique strategically employs information that claims the product to be as efficient as the best product but, does not promise about the results. For eg, advertisements related to shampoos and conditioners that claim to reduce hair fall but, do not guarantee to stop the hair fall.

6. Unfinished Ad

The unfinished ad is also the most effective advertising method for businesses. In this advertising technique, the advertisers play with words by mentioning the specialty of the product in an unfinished way. An example of this advertisement is the Lays ad which uses the slogan no one can eat just one.

7. Celebrity Endorsements

In this method of business advertising, the brands approach celebrities who in turn connect with the audience and try to deliver the importance of the offering. An example of this advertising technique is Gillette roping in Rahul Dravid to endorse their product.

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