Why should you focus on content marketing

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

In traditional offline marketing, the advertising process included involving the brand team and the ad agency, that came up with the development of TV commercials , or newspaper and magazines, by coming up with creative strategy.

But, in the present era of digital platforms, the rules of the game have changed. To be visibly more relevant, today’s brand messages have to be social, engaging and multi-platform. Above that, the industrial nomenclatures have also evolved. Rather than calling themselves advertiser, the more appropriate way of addressing them has become content marketing.

Brands not only need creative supplements to keep themselves alive but above that, brands are in requirement of a constant boost of lucrative contents across an array of traditional and digital platforms.

Creating a strong content is very important. In traditional marketing the concept was restricted to the belief that the consumer is king and there is not an iota of doubt about this statement. But, in today's era of digitization, the consumer needs to be engaged in every possible way and not only that, even the deliverance of the promise is very sacred. Hence, it is the content which acts as the first point of impression. Therefore, if consumer is the king, then content marketing is the kingdom.

Content marketing classifies 4 major types of media. They are:

  • Paid media: These are the channels which are paid to by the business owners that include traditional media such as TV ads, radio, print etc. This type of media also contains paid digital media such as paid search ads; web and social media display ads etc.

  • Owned media: These are owned and controlled by companies which include corporate blogs, sales force, events, owned social media blogs etc.

  • Earned media: These are not directly paid to by the business owners but include contents because of readers, viewers and internet users. They include PR media channels which include online video sites, newspaper, blogs etc.

  • Shared media: This is the most important type. It includes platforms where a consumer shares the platform with other consumers. These include mobile media, social media, traditional word-of-mouth etc.

Conclusion: In this era, the consumer satisfaction is obsolete and the things that companies and big brand look for is consumer delight and content marketing is an important cog in the wheel in this process.

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