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Updated: Nov 17

With the advent of digital marketing, organizations all around the world are looking forward to leveraging their business. Be it for the conversion of traffic or increasing awareness, Facebook has become the top destination for all the businesses. But, before moving forward, it is imperative to know that Facebook Business Manager is not the Social media that we know Facebook as. In fact, Facebook Business Manager is for committed business owners who want to leverage their businesses online.

To become successful in managing our business via the Facebook following are some of the steps that we must ensure are taken:

1) Leverage the content: Before thinking of leveraging your business, study the very idea of the business that you are involved in. If possible create a Facebook Page of the business that you are into and keep interacting with the audience by giving the insights of your business not just through your own prism but, from the point of view of potential customers as well. To start off with, write small posts of your business to engage your audience.

2) Know your target audience well: Do not have a broad target audience for your business. In fact, having a broad target audience is a reflection of ambiguity that covers the business. Having a very specific audience is of paramount importance because understanding the scope of the target audience is very important in avoiding overspending on ad budgets. Also dealing with micro-niche ensures that you have a good Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) value.

3) Know your campaign objective: It is very important that you are clear about the objective of your campaign. Facebook allows you to choose one of the 3 types of campaign objectives. Once you choose the objective of your campaign, Facebook Business Manager facilitates the appearance of your ad accordingly. Your campaign objective can be any one of the bases of the following objectives your business requirement:

  • Awareness: This kind of campaign is useful for business owners who want to increase the awareness of their business on the Facebook platform. Generally, this campaign objective is used when the owner wants to introduce the business to as many people as possible.

  • Consideration: This campaign objective can be used when we want to engage traffic or generate leads so that, we can influence the consideration pattern of our potential customer.

  • Conversion: Most of the business owners use this campaign when the main objective is to encourage customers to make purchases.

4) Optimize your ad budget: Not a lot of people understand the importance of keeping an optimal ad budget by neither overspending nor underspending. The only way for this is to understand the important Facebook metric. Amongst all the important Facebook metrics, the most important are: Unique Link Click, Add to cart, and Purchases. ROAS value of more than around 3.5 may be considered healthy when the purchases are made.

Conclusion: Facebook Business Manager Marketing is a step by step logical understanding of the algorithm of Facebook which needs to be deconstructed so as to reach a logical destination for our business. For any inquiries on Facebook Business Manager marketing, you may reach out to me at ramaswami2904@gmail.com

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