How to increase sales?

Updated: Aug 31

  • Sales is 80% self belief and 20% communication. No doubt, communication is very important to be successful in sales but, more important is the self belief or conviction in the market offering around which your sales process revolves around.

  • Identify the problem/goals of the prospect. See, if the target customer has any problem, understand his/her history and try to solve the problem using your market offerings. If you do not see any problems, understand their goal and make your market offering a part of their goals.

  • “When you give without expecting what you get, you get more than what you expect”, try giving more to your existing customer. Don’t be a salesperson rather, become his/her gap partner. Understand what is it that he/she is looking for and when you know you don’t have the market offering that he/she is looking for, be honest, refer some other place where there need is fulfilled. Everyone loves an honest gap partner and they would surely come back to you again.

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