How to set life goals and achieve it successfully?

Updated: Aug 31

  • Generally, people go to school, are expected to get past the hurdles of exams, then go to college and are expected to excel in their specialization and from there, their journey of professional endeavors begin. Over a period of time in spite of achieving so much in life, there comes a time when there is a void. This void far eclipses the gold achieved because they became so successful because of the understanding that life is very competitive.

  • Yes, contrary to what people say, life is not a rat race. In fact, life is a path of roses with little thorns which serve as teachings. Understand what your true passion is; what makes you so happy that you lose track of time.

  • Remember, what you do is not important, knowing what you want to do is more important. Synchronize your passion or better make your passion your life goal and when you do that, the universe starts manifesting success in your life.

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