Relevance of cultural factor in consumer behavior-Case Study

Hispanics represent a large, fast growing and vibrant market in USA. As per the US census bureau, it is estimated that in the year 2060, the US Hispanic population would be around 28.6% of the total population and at present, the Hispanic community is the largest minority community in USA.

To celebrate its 10th anniversary, America’s most loved auto brand among Hispanics, Toyota ran a Hispanic campaign themed “Mas Que un Auto” which when translated reads “More than a car”.

The campaign offered Hispanic consumers free name plates featuring their unique car names, made with the same typeface and materials as the official Toyota nameplates. Now, along with the Toyota nameplates and model names, they could grace their cars with personalized, official looking brand badges of their own.

The award winning campaign created a strong emotional connection between Hispanics and Toyota. Within the first few months, customers had ordered more than 100,000 customer nameplates far exceeding the goal of 25000.

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