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Scope of Digital Marketing

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

Over the last decade, we have witnessed a huge change in the working of marketing industries. Gone are the days when marketing used to happen mainly through catalogs, sales, direct mailers, etc.

Now, the real marketing happens on the internet. The more you communicate with your target audiences effectively via the internet; the better is the conversion ratio from prospect to customer.

Gone is the time, when product quality was the only important thing to successfully lure customers. No doubt, the high quality of the product is of paramount importance but not the only important thing.

The content around the offering and its reach to more people is what decides the proportion of success. Gone are the days of customer satisfaction. With digital marketing rising to new heights, now are the days of customer delight.

SEO is the main pillar in the field of digital marketing. Read our other blog on the process of SEO in digital marketing and it's benefits.

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